TransLand Trucking’s and Care to Learn Foundation

TransLand Trucking of Springfield, Missouri boasts a reputation for being one of the best trucking companies in the nation. One reason they’re so highly thought of is their commitment to community and giving back, as evidenced by the new, 2019 Mack Anthem that will help raise interest and funding for Care to Learn, a local non-profit organization that benefits underprivileged school children.

“We wanted it to stand out and look as special as this cause,” said Madison Bledsoe, TransLand’s Director of Maintenance, “So we’re running black, forged 6061 alloy Octane ATX wheels. They’re the first thing people notice and really make a statement.  We want people to know about Care to Learn, and when they see our bright green Mack with their logo on the side and those ATX wheels, mission accomplished.”

TransLand’s newest truck is not the first to carry a foundation’s brand toward supporting a great cause.  They also have a pink 2017 Kenworth T680, used to generate awareness and donations to help in the fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

“We started this program about six years ago,” said Rebecca Anderson, TransLand’s Marketing and Communications Manager. “All told, we’ve donated over $100K to different charities, pledging five cents per mile traveled. We like giving back, and we’re really excited about Care to Learn.”

Started in 2007, Care to Learn exists to help reduce the damaging effects of poverty on Missouri school children.  It was formed to identify and help students in desperate need of food, clothing and personal hygiene products, quickly and discreetly.  TransLand understands how hunger, ill-fitting or raggedy clothes and the lack of body care basics like toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, etc. can create insurmountable obstacles to learning.

“If a kid is hungry or cold or ashamed, he or she can’t concentrate,” added Bledsoe.  “Care to Learn sends food, clothing and more home with those kinds of kids, in a backpack, so they’re not embarrassed.  It’s the right thing to do, and an investment in our future.”

Founded 36 years ago by owners Glen and Anna Walker, TransLand Trucking specializes in full truckload and logistics services offering short and long-haul transportation all across the country. It’s a family business, with the Walker’s son Mark serving as the company’s Chairman and CEO while grandson Andrew is the Flatbed Manager. They have 220 employees and a fleet of 170 tractors, the oldest less than five years old.

The Walkers didn’t start the company to get rich.  They began TransLand Trucking to satisfy a need while creating jobs for members of their community. The company strives to provide transportation services in a safe and ethical manner, bringing value to their customers, employees and stakeholders.

TransLand is also committed to environmental responsibility, always working to reduce emissions and increase fuel mileage, using wheel covers and trailer tails, and keeping the fleet as new as possible.  Newer trucks are more efficient, and they help attract the best drivers.

“I think the next truck we acquire, whether it’s used to generate funds for a charity or not,” added Bledsoe, “will feature ATX wheels.  They’re the sharpest wheels on the road.”

About American Racing ATX Series Custom Wheels

ATX Series Wheels from American Racing provide the commercial transportation industry with a way to customize and upgrade their heavy truck wheels, a craze that has swept the automotive, SUV, and light trucks industry for years, but has been non-existent in Class 8 commercial trucks.  Available in four unique designs and finished in a new highly detailed satin black with special window milling or the traditional bright luster polish. ATX Wheels can also be manufactured with a custom color finish designed by the customer for the ultimate in customizing and personal appearance.

ATX Wheels are manufactured with the latest in technologies, the highest quality forged 6061 aluminum alloy available, and provide some of the highest load limits in the industry.  The attention to detail is unequalled and features the truck industry’s first bolt-on center caps.

American Racing is an iconic brand and a wheel industry leader in craftsmanship, engineering, innovation and performance. Founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of bespoke magnesium and aluminum racing wheels, its roots date back to the golden era of hot rodding. American Racing is a Wheel Pros brand. Wheel Pros products are sold worldwide in more than 20 countries on four continents and through a U.S. network of more than 25,000 authorized dealers. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded custom wheels, performance tires and related accessories for cars, SUVs, light and heavy-duty trucks.

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