American Racing began back in 1956 when San Francisco based racer Romeo Palamides, looking for a competitive edge, decided to machine his own wheels for his drag car. These early magnesium wheels proved to be successful and very soon he was getting requests from other racers to have wheels made for them as well. These early magnesium wheels became the wheel of choice for race cars and hot street cars all throughout the 60’s.

The most iconic wheel of all time, the Torq Thrust was developed then and is still going strong over 60 years later. The simple, lightweight 5-spoke design of the Torq Thrust has been the most sought after, and imitated, wheel design ever. In fact, Hot Rod Magazine has named the American Racing Torq Thrust one of the top 20 speed parts that changed the world!

Throughout the years American Racing wheels have been involved with just about all forms of racing from drag racing, to desert racing, to Trans Am racing. In addition to the Torq Thrust, wheels like the Libre, LeMans, 200S, and Baja have all been used by winning race teams. The wheels have also become part of mainstream culture being on some of the most famous TV/Movie cars of all time. Bullitt, Dukes of Hazard, Two Lane Blacktop etc all have cars with American Racing wheels as the stars of the show.

The technology and innovation that have pushed American Racing to continually develop new and exciting products continue to this day. Magnesium wheels, which were cutting edge technology in their day, have given way to forged aluminum wheels. Stronger and lighter than cast alternatives, the American Racing Forged line is 100% made in the USA. The wheels are made of 6061 forged aluminum; hand crafted and made to order by size, style, fitment, and finish. Precision, strength and a history of performance based innovation make these wheels the ultimate compliment to the vehicle that has been meticulously thought out.

From performance on the track to bravado on the street, there has been one constant – innovation. It pushes everything American Racing does. With decades of heritage in American motorsports across every discipline, every turn of an American Racing wheel proves one simple thing; American Racing is never idle. 

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